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One way that CATCH Kids makes healthcare available to rural communites is by using school-based clinic settings.  In the CATCH Kids School-Based Clinics, the school nurse identifies children and obtains parental consent for volunteer providers to provide care to needy, underserved children.  The physical examination and any prescribed medications are provided at no cost to the children or thier families.  CATCH Kids presently operates school-based clinics in seven (7) Lee County Elementary Schools: Mooreville, Plantersville, Saltillo Elementary, Saltillo Primary, Shannon Elementary, Shannon Primary, and Verona; one (1) Tupelo City School: Lawhon; one (1) Chickasaw County Elementary School: Okolona; and one (1) Pontotoc County Elementary School: South Pontotoc. Check out the contact information for each of these School-Based Clinics in the table below:


Mooreville Elementary School:


Physical Address:

967 County Rd 1409
Mooreville, MS 38857


Plantersville Elementary School:


Physical Address:

2657 Main St.
Plantersville, MS 38862


Saltillo Elementary School:


Physical Address:

424 South Third
Saltillo, MS 38866


Saltillo Primary School:


Physical Address:

1806 Highway 45
Saltillo, MS 38866


Shannon Elementary School:


Physical Address:

695 Romie Hill Ave.
Shannon, MS 38868


Shannon Primary School:


Physical Address:

6408 Noah Curtis Street
Shannon, MS 38868


Verona Elementary School:


Physical Address:

212 College Ave. 
Verona, MS 38879


Lawhon Elementary School:


Physical Address:

140 Lake St
Tupelo, MS 38804


Okolona Elementary School:


Physical Address:

411 W. Main St.
Okolona, MS 38860


Pontotoc Elementary School:


Physical Address:

145 Fred Dowdy Ave
Pontotoc, MS 38863